Tuesday, December 24 2013

Interesting Report on the California Spiny Lobster

I just read a recent (2012) scientific study by Anthony Koslow (SCRIPPS Institute at University of California, San Diego), Laura Rogers-Bennett (California Department of Fish and Game), and Douglas Neilson (California Department of Fish and Game) regarding the abundance of the California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interrupts) off the coast of California.

You can see the Research Paper here

I found the most interesting facts to be the following.

- Recreational (for sport) fishing of California Spiny Lobster was insignificant until the recent popularity of "Hoop Netting", which started around 2005. Now it accounts for 30-60% of all lobsters caught. Wow!

- Despite the huge demand for more lobster the populations appear to be stable.

- Higher ocean temperatures (i.e. El Nino) seem to correlate with more lobster babies (also called phylosoma). But they are not sure if this necessarily correlates to more lobsters large enough to keep.

Orange Star Activated (one on left)

Check out the new photo album by clicking on the orange star on the left. The only album that is available is the Yosemite album. Other ones will be available soon.

Saturday, December 21 2013

Comparing NIR (Near Infrared) and Visible Light

I have been playing around with IR (Infrared) Photography. That is taking pictures of light that is not visible to the human eye (so technically its not light, but rather electromagnetic energy). All digital cameras have a piece of silicon that is sensitive to light that allows us to capture images. However these silicon (CCD) chips are more sensitive that the human eye so they can see into the Ultraviolet and Infrared ranges as well.

So on my recent trip to Yosemite I took a video of Yosemite Falls in both IR (above 950 nm wavelength) and regular visible light. You can see the difference in this side by side comparison video. Technically IR is not red or purple in color, its colorless because we can't see it but the camera interpreted it with the purplish color you see.

By the way the waterfall starts as water at the top then becomes snow at the bottom, amazing no?

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Friday, December 20 2013

First Stop Motion Footage (Yosemite National Park)

I spent the past weekend at Yosemite as I was commuting back to Southern California from San Francisco. I tested out my Nikon with a timer to see if I could get a cool stop-motion animation going with the stars in the sky. I think it came out pretty good no?

5 second exposures for every 15 seconds. Taken from around 5 in the morning until sunrise in Yosemite Valley right next to the visitor center.

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First Youtube Video

Finally posted my first youtube video, It's a compilation video of some free diving I did this past fall.

Saturday, December 7 2013

Largest Picture of the Night Sky

Here is an amazing picture of the entire visible Milky Way Galaxy from Planet Earth.


Thursday, December 5 2013

Get Profession Artistic Criticism

I came across this funny program that analyzes your drawing and gives you some sound criticism on your artistic potential.

Click Here to Test Your Art Skills

I must give credit to the Author Ben Mandeberg, this code (Processing Programming Language) came from http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/9912

This guy has an interesting website, http://benmandeberg.com , I think its inspiration for all web developers.

Tuesday, December 3 2013


They are all around us. You see them everyday. You hate their utter dominance over our civilization. You try to run them over but they manage to avoid your tires. They eat your crops. They laugh every time they see one of us. They make holes in the ground as if they are trying to make us trip when we walk. They are the Squirrels. Watch this unprecedented footage of an actually squirrel eating my crops in my backyard and not caring about anything but itself, pathetic.

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Day 2

Purple star has been activated.

Sunday, December 1 2013

This is it

Let the blogging begin.